Vergil Kanne
Interactive Producer at Tactica Interactive
Vergil Kanne
Interactive Producer at Tactica Interactive

Old SEO Debate Update

July  2009 / 15 No Comments

While I don’t trust Matt Cutts to tell the truth to all questions, or more specifically relevant powerful questions, I do think it’s fairly safe to assume he’ll be honest on the more inane ones. So while some may say Cutts’ comment regarding dashes vs. underscores was a few years old and therefore unreliable as relevant to the current state of SEO, he’s reiterated his answer to that question much more recently:

I would recommend

in that order.

Google’s URL Structure Preference

And as side notes:

Matt Cutt’s answers could be worth skimming every now and then – although you’ll notice that the more relevant, heavy-hitting, upvoted questions remain unanswered.

Google Moderator could prove to be an interesting tool for web developers, although it seems to need to mature a bit.

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